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Acetic Acid

Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid and methanecarboxylic acid, is a colorless liquid that has a strong and distinct pungent and sour smell. Its chemical formula is C2H4O2: it has two carbon (C) atoms, four hydrogen (H) atoms and two oxygen (O) atoms. Because it has a carbon in its chemical formula, it is an organic compound. Its chemical formula can be written multiple ways, as shown here:

  • C2H4O2
  • CH3CO2H

Specifications :

  RM : Acetic Acid
Sr. Parameter Method Description
1 Physical Form - Colourless Clear Liquid
2 pH 10% Solution 2.50+ / 0.50
3 % Purity - Minimum 99.50%
4 Miscibility - Infinite miscible in water
5 Specific Gravity 30 degC 1.049
6 Melting Point - 16.60 Oc
7 Boiling Point - 118 Oc

Acetic Acid Uses are :

  • As a solvent for many industrial processes
  • For the manufacture of
  • Various dye stuffs and perfumes.
  • Rayon fibre
  • synthetic fibres and textiles
  • inks and dyes
  • soft drinks bottles
  • rubbers and plastics
  • pesticides
  • wood glues
  • For testing blood in clinical laboratory
  • Used in film industry
  • for the treatment of outer ear infections from the growth of fungus and bacteriav
  • Used as food additive

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