Contract Manufacturing

We offer this service to companies who face challenges either in manufacturing or scaling up or new product development.
We have an in-house technical team, unique pool of private laboratories, and database of contract manufacturers with the right facilities, certifications and competencies available for contract manufacturing.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation and feasibility studies
  • Lab scale development, biological tests and clinical trials
  • Pilot to commercial scale manufacturing
  • Analytical and testing services
  • Quality assurance and quality control

We specialize in the following chemical reactions:

Acetylation Cyanation Hydrogenation
Addition Cyclization Hydrolysis
Alkylation Diazotization Melting
Amidation Elimination Nitration
Aminolysis Esterification Oxidation
Bromination Etherification Quarternization
Catalytic Ethoxilation Reduction
Chiral Chemistry Friedel-Crafts Saponification
Condensation Grignard Substitution
Coupling Halogenation Sulphonation

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