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Methanol is a key component in the manufacture of hundreds of other chemicals, solvents and other formulations. Approximately 40% of methanol is converted into formaldehyde which is in turn used in the manufacture of a diverse range of products such as plastics, paints, textiles, pigments and dyes.

Specifications :

Appearance Clear and free of suspended matter IMPCA 003-98
Purity % W/T on dry basis min. 99.85 IMPCA 001-02
Colour Pt-Co max. 5 ASTM D 1209-05
Water % W/W max. 0.1 ASTM E 1064-05
Distillation range at 760 mm Hg max. 1.0°C to include 64.6°C ± 0.1°C) ASTM D 1078-05
Specific Gravity 20°C / 20°C 0.791 - 0.793 ASTM D 4052-02
Potassium Permanganate time test 15°C minutes min. 60 ASTM D 1363-06
1Carbonizable substances (Sulphuric Acid Wash Test) Pt-Co scale max. 30 ASTM E 346-03
Ethanol mg/kg max. 50 IMPCA 001-02
Chloride as Cl mg/kgIMPCA 002-98 max. 0.5
Sulphur mg/kg max. 0.5 ASTM D 3961-98
Hydrocarbons pass test ASTM D 1722-04
Carbonilic Compound as Acetone mg/kg ASTM E 346-94 ASTM E 346-94
Acidity as Acetic Acid mg/kg max. 30 ASTM D 1613-06
Total Iron mg/kg max. 0.1 ASTM E 394-04
Non volatile matter mg/1,000 ml max. 8 ASTM D 1353-03
CAS No. 67-56-1 -
U.N.No 1230 -

Uses :

Acetic Acid Formaldehyde Hexamine
Pentaerythritol MTBE TAME
D.M.T. Methyl Methacrylate Methyl Amines
Chloromethanes Di Methyl Sulphate Di Methyl Amines
Synthetic Resins Formaldehyde Paints
Refrigerants Moulding Material Fumigant for Foodgrains
Paper Treatment Pesticides Tanning
Insecticides Disinfectant Coolant for Automotive and Aircraft Engines

Packaging and Supply :

Supplied in MS/SS

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