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Nickel Chloride

Nickel Chloride is a Premium-Grade salt derived from Virgin Nickel metal. It is produced under strictest process control to ensure the best and consistent quality needed in the electrolytic or electroless plating processes and for Fungicidal use in Tea plantations.

Due to its controlled crystal size & type, it provides the user with optimum performance. It dissolves rapidly, smoothly & with minimum dusting problems.

Nickel Chloride is most preferred product by Electroplaters for General as well as Electoioss Plating lines and Nickel based chemical manufacturers.

Specifications :

  • Molar weight Nicl2 6H2O = 237.71
  • Stoechiometric Nickel Content = 24.7%
  • Crystalline System:PrismaticMonocinic Yellowish Green Free flowing Crystals.
  • Transformation Temperatures:
  • Dehyderates at At 103o C
  • Decomposes at At 973o C
  • Density: 1.92 g/cm3
  • Bulk density approx 1.00 g/cm3 (uncompacted)
  • Solubility at 20oC 2135 gm/ltr.
  • At 80oC 5878 g/ltr.
  • PH OF 5% Aqueous Solution = 3.5


  • General Electroplating
  • Electroless Nickel plating
  • Fungicidal in Tea Gardens
  • Misc. Chemical Dyes & Intermediates.


Nickel Chloride is packed in 25 kg HDPE, strong humidity, resistant bags. It is also supplied in pallets of 40 bags (1 Tonne) protected by cardboard.


Nickel Chloride is a Crystallised salt-containing 6 water molecules... Although it keeps in excellent condition during storage, it is necessary to take certain precautions to prevent a change in Physical appearance which may be caused by variations in temperature, humidity or sunlight, such as setting in bulk, deliquescence or change in colour. It should be stored in dry place and protected from strong heat and sunlight.

However in such cases where physical appearance may have changed, the chemical properties of the product remain unchanged.

Nickel Nitrate

Nickel Nitrate Hexahydrate. This chemical is processed at our sound processing unit by utilizing paramount quality chemical compound. Offered chemical is commonly demanded in various industry for performing application such as anodize coating, electroplating, textile dyeing and catalyst.

Specifications :

  • CHLORIDE: MAX 0.005%
  • SULPHATE: MAX 0.05%
  • MAX 0.1%
  • IRON: MAX 0.02%
  • ASSAY MIN.: 98%

Features :

  • Free from impurities
  • Free from odour
  • Decompose on heating
  • Soluble in water

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